28th December '07

Can anyone here?
Anyone at all tell me what I’m thinking?
Cause I really have no clue.

The connection is strong
And he seems all so wrong
And the dreams which I see
Seem to substitute reality
If it is to be

What is to be?
What do I know?
It’s love that gets me high
The way it gets you high
And so much love I see
Newer streams overflowed into me

The hues are red, yellow and blue
Love, love and more love
With sunshine streaks into my life
And give me wings to soar to the unknown skies

Wish you were here
As this is not for me
This is for us u see
Me and you and you and me
You, you and only me

The kisses were interrupted
The hug also ended
The tears did not all fall
When are you coming back?
I can’t wait another fall

Come back and finish whatever it was that you started
A single intermission is all they ever have
Why so many interludes for me?
Why are the circums so perfect
And yet so incomplete
Oh why?
I ask thee?
Tell me?

Why does this silence rest with you?
Barr your heart to me
And let the music flow..
As the sunshine trickles
And the sweetness tingles
Let us be together
And yet single so as to be.

12th December ‘07


A bottle of rum, or whiskey, or beer.


He wants it. He says, ‘ I have to have one of these three’. If I don’t get it, I’ll not say.

But why these bottles? Why not anything else? He wants the bottle only? Or the stuff in it also? Will he drink the stuff first and then speak? What if he passes out? Gets drunk? Senile. How his statements would be authenticated? Shouldn’t we give him third degree??

Third degree or a bottle? The choice is yours. Decide.


Lemme go.

No way. You can’t. You are in my clutches now. You can never be free.

Why? What did I do? What have I ever done to you?

You’ll never be free. When you’ll frustrate and wanna get free, you’ll hurt yourself even more. Never I say, never.


It’s the curse of ‘----‘. Everyone has to pay for it. The truer you are. More the trouble. More the hurt. More the pain.

What’s the logic?

No logic. It’s not fair. That’s the way of the world. Go laugh your lungs out as you bleed.


12th December ‘07

The grounds are shaking. The sky is falling. Where should I go?
When the grounds shake, I’ll shake and sway with it.
When the sky falls, the stars, the rainbows, the colours would also be mine.
Why should I go?

Cardigans with long sleeves
Bed tea wrapped in blanket folds
Morning fog
Evening shivers
Chapped lips
Frizzy hair

December 11th '07

Brains leak so heads rust

Many run but seldom reach

People return never to stay

Desires vanish just before they’re met

Fingers move to help one say

Bottles are emptied to be filled again

Legs hurt to give us rest

Words are triggers

Memories to fool

Present to pass

Stones to be kicked

Abuses to be unfurled

Shit pots to think

Journeys to see







Some day

11th December '07

Some day I’ll be dead
Some day all of this won’t matter
Some day these days I’ll forget
Some day I’ll be there
Some day I’ll be me
Some day I’ll smile all through me
Some day: I’ll live

Some day I’ll want nothing
Some day I’ll want to want
Some day I’ll stop
Some day: what would I do then?

Some day is where?
Some day would be when?
Some day don’t be too late
Some day: let it happen.


5th December '07

A bug sets in somewhere…
A mind-bug…
It deletes all important stuff which is to remain in your head.
A temporary delete..
It’s a bug after all
A small bug
Not dangerous
Not dangerous all
So where were we
Aah yes
Temporary delete
It’s like you think
A thought seeps in
And poof
It’s gone
This bug likes to stay in a clean head
In the temporary chamber of course
It causes zombiness
If that’s a word
Coz the word doc underlines it
Underlines it with red curly yet straight line
So what
So what if it’s not a word
It could be
Who knows what comes tomorrow?
It’s a question
But it doesn’t need an answer
Back to the bug
Why so much deviation
Beats me
It makes me write
Write stuff
Stuff of this sort