28th January '08

Hysteria comes in with socked feet
Glides in and settles quietly
I know it’s there
But I haven’t said hi
Oh my god
The doom of knowing
I know the guest’s here
But welcome it I did not
Greet it I not
Wat the @#$%?
And now as I look for it
It plays hide and seek
Whose permission has it taken?
It’s my head.
Not its.
But I cannot say anything
I stay mum and smile
ATithi DEvo BHava

I will not write again
I tell myself
And I begin to write again

A dream

Thursday, 17th Jan '08

I went to this play yesterday, Midsummer’s Night Dream. Wasn’t the first Midsummer Nights’ Dream play I went for. I’ve acted in one too before, a minor role for a school interclass competition. Seen modernization, flukes on it, seen the movie, and real serious plays… clearly it’s one of my Shakespeare favourites. Especially after understanding the whole elf-funda, courtesy J.R.R.Tolkien, reading the triad and the supplements so many times (actually 2 times, the whole set at a time), anything related to elves remotely with the wood-magic gets me secretly excited. Maybe the Enid Blyton “Faraway Tree- Enchanted Wood” series were a part of the premonition craze setting in.

From where to where? I’ve digressed yet again. The play. The play. The play. Focus.
I get the feel, sometimes, that I’m too full of myself? Am I?

This “A Midsummer’s Night Dream”- directed by Tim Supple, was a visual treat (u know who I’m referring to- if ur reading this, ‘I still haven’t seen Rebecca’). Adaptation into the Indian settings, the languages, even though I didn’t understand much of the regional multilingual, the multi-ethnicity, the energy, the performance, the sets, the stage, the creativity was astounding, no doubt all the four shows slated in the city were houseful, which rose to a ear-deafening standing applause to appreciate the performance.

Maybe I should shut up. I can’t capture it in words. And if you’re lucky, maybe you should go check it out, it’s apparently on a world tour run.

7th January ‘08

To let it just go
The words to emerge
The words to speak to me
The words to write themselves out in this white blank page
And tell me
What I need to know
U did that
What did I do worng?
Tell me my friends
The future u predicted
Of dangers to come
The sadness of tomorrow
I felt all emerge from my sixth sense domain into you

I feel the senses now
They don’t let me sleep
Night after night
As I writhe in agony of sleepiness
My eyes they pull open
And thoughts they clutter into my head
So as to tell me and shy away at the same time

I ask you for the very last time
Let the partnerships unfold and the dynamism speak
I need to know
Or not know and even feel anything at all

Either ways
U decide