1st March '08

So wat?
So wat?
I say

Wat the hell?
U think

I smile
On the inside

U smile
On the outside

We think at the same time
It happens
The coincidence

Reality is
There r no coincidences…

Then this must be fate.

27th Feb '08

Adhesive hands
Crazy hair- knotty hair
Saline lips
These are the best days of my life

Clouds are colourful
But they still rain

The love is sharp
so deeper it pierces

But why worry?
These are the best days of my life.

Looks pretty
But feels ugly inside
Looks happy
But feels crappy inside

The meaning is lost
The surface gains momentum

Why should I swim
When I wanna be sunk deep inside?

So this is it.
This is till where it gets.
No further.
Not beyond.
The waters just got muddy.

The being hits the ground
and breaks itself into a trillion pieces
Each piece symbolic
of a shattered dream
of broken hope
and of wings
that were cut
and left to bleed

A li'l finger peeps out of folds somewhere
trying to fit into different hands
the perfect palm
the perfect grip
traversing layers unknown

26th February '08

The ugly remains
a blotch
just the pain trickles
in silent agony

The serene in me
to light
to freedom
to life
up and down
we go nowhere
just let it be

The rainbow fades
The dewdrops vanish
The flowers wilt away

Let me hide in you today
inside ur pockets
underneath ur shadows
mingle within ur whiffs
Let me snout & pout
Let me be mad & crazy & crude
Let me be sad & angry & passionate
Let me be whatever
I wanna be
Let me be me
& u be you
& let us be us
and dance
a celebration
a truth
a union

red and deep red parallels
the sinews are catching up
to run a marathon, fast
the yellow shines
to breathe the green
the blue melts
orange, red, orange, red
orange, red
the green and pink - looks right
but red? but orange?
turns, changes, twirls, tosses, tumbles
towards white
at a tangent

I'm not far my mates
I'm not far
I didn't travel away
my mates
I didn't travel away

I just changed into me
while you looked for the one whose dead
I couldn't see the pain, teh loss
I didn't change my mates
I didn't change
I just brought it out
I just brought it out
It's now in the face
out on your face
I know it's ugly
I know it's a blotch
I know it's not it always is
you see it's not conditioned
it's free
It's it
It's it
It's the true it
It's spectacular
It's alive
It's the spirit
Love it....

14th February '08

Let me live a day
To know what life is
Let me get a nibble
Just a small bite
To just remember the taste
That’s it

Take me far away
In your arms
Fly me today
Coz these marshes
Might suck me in
I swear

Urgency setting in
The days get heavy
The tunnel never ends
But the rays trickle in
And I’m walking
I’m tired

I write
I talk
I chirp
I smile
I laugh
I cry
I hollow
I empty
I alone
I need u

13th February '08

The flow flows into me

I’m shaking my ass
On a wretched chair

Grouchy morning
Still a day which starts bad
Thankfully only betters

Why don’t I like the tea here?
I could do with a few sips
Only if the cheeni was kum

I like my dainty sturdy shoes
They fall with a thud
But walk petite with its bow-button

Is this free verse, my friend?
Or am I on the unconscious pattern again?
I wonder?
I really do.

Smiles smiles smiles all the way
We had
The memories clicked
As we explored homes away from home

11th February '08

I stopped the rut and lived life
I realized so much I had to do
Wanted to do
Had to do
Which was so much more important to me
And just couldn’t be postponed anymore

I am important
Yes I am
And so is what I want
What I want to do
More than what I think I should want
Much more that what others think I should want
Or do

I’ll fly now
To the skies beyond
Catch me if you can
My gut is
The trail in itself would be a hunt
Sniff it if you can