16th March '08

Li'l dreams
Li'l thoughts
Li'l memories
I collected in a li'l box

When the sun goes down
and the dark is night
I peep into the li'l box
Contents come alive
to dance in joy
to brighten dreams
and smile my lips

when dawn does break
and light comes in
to blind their eyes
the beings sink deep
.......into the depth of doubt

No1 speaks to me
He keeps quiet
And I keep quiet
there's loneliness in the air

I run here
look there
search everywhere
all i find is loneliness

Loneliness and me
let's be friends

It was a cry for help
to be held in arms
a need was voiced
to be kissed till death
Is anyone there?

My heart still beats
My eyes still rain
And I still wait
Is anyone there?

Is anyone there?

No poetry could win a word
No tears could win a look
No hurt could win a heart
no wins I'm a loser
was would be

Rusted Silence
Rusted red
Rusted dreams
Rusted me
into powder of iron
the wind will blow
and we'll be in air
air borne rust
for a trifle of a second
and then get lost

Let me hold ur hand
Let me be urs
Don't push me away
I'll still be urs

When u leave me alone
You also are alone
it's together we belong
it's never been wrong

Let the tears melt our fears away
Let our love conquer all
When we talk we forget
That we are each other's own

Let the words not clourd
Let teh spirit flout
Don't hurt the feelings
Let them live like fragile dreams

SO many moments I gathered
all up in my head
Of clasped fingers, looks of love
and togetherness
Let these moments live
Do not put them to hibernate
another fall
Don't bury a silent dream
it may not have learnt to breathe alone

I have some colours
And I"m weaving dreams
under the stars
I wanna forget the nightmares
Please sit with me as I stitch
Your colours and mine blend
It's our blanket I make
with love and more and all I ever had

I'm hollow now
getting empty somehow
I cannot do anything
no strength
the spirit's waning
Give me life