drown down

27th Aug '11

It takes a deep dive
Right in
In the deep depths
It takes in a long breadth
And and tries to stay underwater
But what comes in goes out
So it floats up.

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12th August '12

Walking slowly and carefully, I missed a lot of stones.
Maybe I should have overturned them.

Singing loudly and dancing vociferously the dance of life, I turned deaf to my inner voice.
Maybe I should have turned the volume down.

Trying to get the work done, organized and scheduled, I forgot the whole point.
Maybe I should have aligned myself to the purpose first.

These maybes,
These thoughts,
I need to shelf again today.
Maybe I shouldn’t!

in passing

11th August ‘11

Out of sight. Out of mind.

Does this hold true? Maybe to a certain degree. But that necessarily doesn’t mean that the subject is not tucked somewhere in some very fond corner of the heart, to come up to the mind aimlessly, like a song from an oblivious, infinite playlist in shuffle mode.

I really don’t truly believe in the randomness of the shuffle mode. I think there’s a definite pattern there, somewhere. Probably again, known to the higher mind, the great strategist or the omnipresent. I can sometimes guess the complicated flowchart of the pattern, but don’t know a way of validating my doubts. Do the psychology experts know?

Life emanating of me
Images springing and dancing and jumping off a cliff
A face leaving the trail of its thought behind
Lazy working days full of restless ideas
Commute amidst many, through several modes.

a drive, a tube, an escalator, a tunnel,
a rickshaw, a meter,  a subway, a walk,
a bus, a conductor, a  stop, some stairs..
a journey, an exchange, some time,
just a wee bit of life. 


11th August '11

A spinning top
Goes round and round
It's physics
It's what spinning is
It's what a top does

It spins and skirts the edges
Crossing the centre in motion
But never stopping

Spinning around the edges
Looking for the speck, the spot
Restlessly it spins, and spins
And the some more

All the time, missing the point.
Missing to dwell on the core.