28th July '07

I get lost in this darkness of these cloudy nights..
Nightmares scream, the ghosts awaken
and I begin to think of death as a dream.
I get lost..
lost in this..
this darkness..
..and grope for light..

The horizon is red it seems
and I smile..
the red..
the red.. ..
the light..
the light of dawn.

Fooled again?
was I?

It's the west.
The red was of the setting sun.
No one's coming..
..this light's gone.

Happy, yes happy I am.
Happy, yes happy I was.
Happy, yes happy I'll be.
That's the least I can do for myself.

12th July '07

Swaying in the rhythm of the local train
women, women, women
so many of them...
all so different
all so alike..
Bound together
in a locomotive iron box..
cause : XX chromosomes

6th July '07

Cafe Coffee Day
opposite Sidhivinayak
to meet two friends
one emptying bladder
and the other probs pouting in a cab, restlessly
me, the third
with four
the cups
one, of glass, empty
and the resthree, paper
in various stages
of emptiness
or fullness

3rd July '07


a rainy day..
a familiar season..
a familar room..
some nostalgic music...
..put the pen in my hand.

I tell you a lot of stuff naa?
don't I?
I donno here, whether I'm writing a diary
or speaking to you..
..aren't they both truly one and same to me as is speaking to myself?

I just glanced out of the windows of my yellow room...
the sunset window shows a sky deep-red-vermiliion, while the hues on the left mingle with a bit of blue....

do you know something?
that everything I've done...
I'm doing..
everything is for?