Look at u

Look back at u.
Look shut-eye at u.
Look faith at u.
Look before at u.
Look after at u.
Look now at u.
Look not-look at u.
Look is all at u.

Sense and Sensitivity

8th October '11

Deep loss
Bellowing mourning

Mirth died today
With it the youthful joy

Do you belief in rebirth?


Oh so the mourning is for a death
That happened a while ago?

So what's with today?

Why is today cast in gloom
Of a shadow which hovered a while ago?

Did u not see then?
Did u not hear then?
Where were you then?


These seas of silence
This silent despair
I cannot take anymore

These few words
So heavy with darker meaning
This dreamless night
So cloudy with thoughts
I cannot take anymore

These trembles, So delirious with loneliness
This me, So brimming
I cannot take anymore