I donno when I wrote this, maybe in 2013 or in 2014

to see is not to believe
to believe is not to see
the words don't express
they just try too hard.
but what about the stuff
stuff undefined?
let me make up a word
it expresses what I feel
do you know what it could mean?


10th June '2014

A light touch.
Just a li'l feathery stroke.
So light on a sleeping back.
Like a pebble in a still lake.
Some ripples cascade.
Then the stormy silence and silence.
That's what a touch is all about?

But where do the ripples go?
Is there an underground chamber under all the lakes in the world,
where they go and hide?

Wide-eyed Fool

10th June '2014

Wide-eyed li'l fool
Oh, dear li'l fool of mine.
You still don't know
Oh! you really don't
That I'm your woman. your only woman.
And you're my man. my man.

So difficult. oh so difficult the road.
Why so difficult. why so difficult the road.
When you're my mate and I'm yours
Why so difficult the road?

Why do we get so weary at a day's long end?
Where's our nectar sweet?
And elixir vitae to dip in our wings?
Why are the days so burdensome, so mirthless and so full of things to do?
Is it our days or are we enslaved to them?

So many questions, so little answers
So many thoughts, so li'l thoughtless moments
So many hours, so li'l are ours
So many MEs in a day
So many YOUs in a day
Which one's should we pair?

For li'l Anaya

1st June '2014

My li'l darling
In yellow prancing
With mischief in her thoughts
And instruction in her words
Her crazy hair flying all about
And joy in her every move.

She's crept into my heart in a blink
And she holds its reins so hard
That I'm all but lost
In the deep sea that she holds in her eyes.