Before dawn ramblings

7th January '11

coming back
is desired
coming back
isn't easy
coming back

I write to you in verse
situation of my heart
which has a lot of love to give
but, there's a but in between.

Memories they play these games
take you back, again and again.
a simple day, some hours,
some conversations, some exploration..
a friendship we embarked
but we never saw where we really arrived
before parting.


6th January '11

A shadow that haunts me
sometimes just bursts into fragments of light.
If I'm not too careful, I might just be up in flames.

It lingers when I'm having a happy dream
with visions, with doubts that I could be happier still.
It's almost forbidden,
yet it finds its place exactly where it's to be not.

It's just a reflection, the real's far far away.
Still? So much power? So much attraction?
And that too in an abstract?
A smoke like thing which appears from nowhere
and then also dissolves into nothingness?

It's an incomplete thing.
It could be anything.
It's a thing ahead of itself
which just couldn't finish.
It's a shadow of an unfinished thing
which I hope to capture in poetry, in the least.

Moon's Lullabye

last year's October's writing
October 1st '10

Moons' Lullabye
a bed of stars
a world of twinkling dreams
and my lover got lost

In the midst of the wilderness
my heart longed
for a straying lock
for a deep caress

the long lost notes haunt the sitar
the last kiss lingers venomously on lips
fingers restless
for you, the one whose not there

the bed of stars
spreads across the sky
the courtyard watches silently