take me home!

24th Feb '09

Bitter taste gripping your tongue

A gruesome tale spins

Shivering fingers stuck in holes

A scarlet river flows

Heating cold lashing at your eye

A sight become a blurry


A sight become a blurry

Take me home

Plotting Escape

13th Feb '09

Let’s go for a walk

Let’s go for a swim

Let’s just go

Let’s escape

Let’s go for coffee

Let’s go shopping

Let’s but go

Let’s go

Let’s just escape


Escape these gravity-like pull down-thoughts

Escape this hour, this minute, this time

Escape this mood, this expression

Escape this conversation, this thing


Let’s runaway and hide under the stars

Maybe get lost and forget where we are

Just not know which timeline we belong to

Escape we must.



11th Feb '09

Just walking around the world
I felt so lost
Just thinking aloud in my mind
I knew I had no thoughts
Cause of this Silence
which is there
this Silence
which screams
this Silence
not so peaceful, anymore

today: motto

4th Feb '09

I’m going to stop fretting about tomorrow

And I’ll live today for today


I’m going to stop being hard on myself for the past

And would just ask questions for today


I’m going to zoom in and lose the large picture

And stay on to a particular spot


I’m going to be high no matter what I drink

And get others merry too


That’s the motto

For today.