Every Bit

26th July '12

Every bit of  joy I had within me
        flowed out in tears
                       drop by drop..
And you ask me to smile?

Every bit of life in me
          walked out of my life
                     one step at a time..
And you ask me to live?

Every bit of me
          got burned up in smoke
                    and ash scattered all over
And you ask me to be me, again?


26th July ’12 : wee hours of the morning

Insomnia too strong,
The effect to deep.
Where have the dreams gone?
The nightmares too, dread light.
Ah! For the deep slumber
If it comes
it may
give relief..
even if


1st July '12

The nightmare returns
     strikes me hard
                    I'm an invalid now.

Nothing matters now
     Nothing seeps through
                    gets through me.

Someone else fired the missiles
          and I became a casualty.

Everything's unsound
     the mind's undependable
          is like the time machine
               senile, unaware
                    living in different zones
                         in different moods
                              with deficient emotions. 


23rd June '12

To calm
To serene
To the stopping of time..

To laughter 'n' oddness
comfortable, yet not totally there yet..
the journey's begun
will see the end of it too..

To chaos
that erupted from within
the one that's not stilled yet.

Being 'n' Believing


monoprints, ink

oil pastels, water colours, dry pastels (incomplete)

ink on acrylic

Holding it

June '12
ink, paper-mache, acrylic

Goddess Project: collage

paper play with ink and water


June '12

dry pastels, ink


texture, oil, ink

ink, glass colours

Burning Hope

June '12

texture, ink, acrylic


sand, texture, ink (incomplete piece)

sand, ink, heat with collage

ink, oil colours

Excerpts from the lash

10th June '12

My heart is missing
and I cannot breathe
I'm living, not dead yet.
why me? why you? why us?
I ask myself, you and the darkness
no answers yet. no light yet.
I'm zigzagging through the world, the tasks
while I'm shattering into pieces.
I'm trying to hold myself together
but the pieces are lost.
I wonder again. Am I sure? Could this be me? Alive.
I pinch myself, I bite myself, I feel it.
I must be living.
Then how come I feel like dead?

morning sunshine
happy sunshine
sunshine showers
sunshine yellow
rainbow sunshine
lovely sunshine
lifegiving sunshine
too much sunshine
warm sunshine
sunshine, too hot
I'm burning sunshine
ashes full of sunshine

Something is moving inside me.
Something, Someone is there
Otherwise how could I have handled it till now?
Something is alive, which is helping me function,
Write, do things, talk.
'Hello, Something Someone inside me
Please take over, completely
I can't carry on