Day 6 & 7

19th & 20th Nov '17

Mind: a little here. A little there.
Body: kathak. Tabata. Tick. Tick.
Soul: no ticks

The sun rolls down
Like a golden tear
Another day
Another day
- Mike Ryoko

Day 5: Ghayal ki Gati Ghayal Jaane

18th November '2017

Mind: Magic.Tick.

Body: Kathak. Tick. 
Soul: Meditation. Tick.
Everyone has Solutions.

Why the hell am I not asleep?
Cause I can't seem to know when to keep by gob shut.

Why the hell is my gob open?
That's for an innate inner need that I need some more indepth research.

Not every person I love needs to be near
Not every person I consider near, needs to know my soul

No need to say hello.
It's fine. 
We'll go on as.
The cat and mouse.

Sometimes the kitten can get spots.
Which are not measles.
They can be black and can prowl.
Let's just believe her when she says.

I love you they say
We care, they share
But then why don't they?

Why do they have to say?
Why do they need to speak?
For the sake of it?

I understand truths have versions.
But is the version still relevant if it tramples upon someone?
Or is the satisfaction of it being out so dear, that you forget that someone is near?

Everyone Cares.
Everyone has feelings about things.
Their version is always true.

And my version? 

a weakness.
a figment of my imagination.
a hyperbole.
a faulty story.

a case of law.

Judgement: I'm wrong
Sentencing: shut your gob. 

That's why I need to shut my gob!

Day 4: Country Roads take me home

17th November '2017

 Magic. Focus Health. Tick.

Body: Kathak Practice. Tick. Workout ABT. Tick.

Soul: Meditation. Tick.

It's beyond day 4 now, but can't sleep. Big Busy Plans for the weekend. Simple Plans. Logical. But seems looming to me. Fingers crossed. Nerves on hold.

It seems like it must be my fault.
Cause I'm letting things/people get to me!
I can't hold my own,
I'm weak.

Would someone else in my space fared any better?
I would think, 'yes'.

I know the answers.
I know the ways.
I know what's to be done.
But just can't do it.

It's like it's Circumstance vs Me. (I wrote something on it 8 years ago)


Oh Calcutta! Oh Calcutta! 
well the first verse I wrote ever, was for you..

I wish coming back wasn't so complicated
I wish we all came in peace and went in peace
I wish you gave me a chance to be right again
I wish the odds, the chances were fair
I wish I could match my childhood memories
I wish could make my kids see

I wish I could be carefree with free wishes, one more time.
Like it was, a while ago.

in some places your heart resides..
then why this Kolaveri D?

Day 3: as good as it gets

16th November '2017

Some Verse

with time's ebb and flow
it has been controlled.
everything is within limits.


these limits i do not like.
this normalcy is like a gilded cage.
i do not wish to be ideal.
at no cost.

ideals make way for idols.
idols stand on pedestals.
casting lonely shadows.

a day out in the sunlight.
with green in between my toes.
wildflowers in my hair.
chasing butterflies .
i measure the difference
between heaven and earth.


Mind: Magic. Tick.

Body:Today, I missed the yoga. What to do? Cook bailed and breakfast time for kids! 

Soul: Meditation. Tick.

Mood-o-meter: not so low. good improvement over day two.

Day 2: hum se na ho payega

15th November '2017
Kuch kuch hota hai

Day One: "Slowly, slowly, slowly" said the sloth

14th November '17

I thought there would be fireworks!
There were none. 

I thought I'd be dancing by the end of the day and joy would be me.
It wasn't.

Atleast I said hello to 'Reality'.
Whoa. That's big. 
Given my life mantra happens to be (like Calvin) - "Reality continues to Ruin my life."

I did my Kathak. I did my day 'one' magic task. I did my meditation.

body. mind. soul.
promises kept.
all in day's work.

bonus: 2 games of monopoly deal at bedtime.

Still, I rise

13th November '2017

I've not been too well.
In fact I've been feeling very low.

But not all the time. 
It's been in bands. 

I've been crying. 
They tell you it's normal. All moms cry. So I think it must be normal. 
I thought I cried a bit too much. But then I had twins! 

I thought I could handle it.
It seems I haven't been able to. Atleast not effectively.

It has a name.
Shhh....It's a taboo. No one can know.

Know how many mothers suffer some form of Postpartum Depression?
1 of 5 mothers. And it's 4 out of 5 mothers of multiples (includes mother of twins, that's me). 

Know how many people trolled me for feeling low?
9 out of 10 (or more)

But, at this point in time I don't a give a shit!

The truth is I feel like shit. But at this point in time I own every bit of shit that I am.
It's me. And mine.

OKAY. That was intense.

Focus. Focus. Focus. Again.

What's different today is that I'm ready to launch an expedition to get back to myself. I don't know whether I'll succeed or not. I'll just put every bit of me into this.


For the Mind:
1. Magic 28 day experiment
2. Weekly appointments to figure out my triggers and understand myself better
3. Blog. Write. Write. Blog.
4. Dabble: books, cinema, music

For the Body:
1. Atleast one physical activity per day
2. Nutrition (this is gonna be a tough nut, but I'm gonna crack it)

For the Soul:
1. Meditate atleast 10 minutes everyday
2. Communicate (conversation, writing) with my soul friends
3. Conversations with my soul - poetry, art, dance

And the last but not the least cross-category thingie:
Hold my partner and three kids, extraordinarily close. In other words "squeeze them".