donno when I wrote it

Golden Sun
Golden Sun
Golden Sun

And down come orange marigolds
as droplets
as withered leaves
as embers

Tilted Rays

1st August '2015

I see the rays falling in straight tilted lines
I see them through closed eyelids
They fall right
They fall left
But none on me.

A strong ray that percolates in seems to lose its sheen
As soon as it touches me
Why don't I get the grace?

Am I not grateful?
Maybe not.
But is it intentional?
Definitely not!

Please fall on me rays.
I need you

All I wanted was some unaccounted time

8th March 2015

All I wanted was some unaccounted time…

Some air to play with my curls
Some conversation to rekindle my heart
Something timeless
Something not mundane

All I wanted was some unaccounted time…

To look beyond the obvious
To shake away the doubts
To feel it in my bones again
To reconnect like that once again

All I wanted was some unaccounted time…

But it was not to be
But it was too impractical
But the but of all buts…
But the elements did not conspire

All I wanted was some unaccounted time…

It was not only for me
It was for us
It was… It was… It was…
It was for us to be

All I wanted was some unaccounted time…

Was it too much?
Was it difficult?
Was it missed?
Was it wanted, at all?

All I wanted was some unaccounted time…

How do I go home?

18th January 2015

Why does it happen still?
After all these years?
The weirdness creeps in.
And the world spins.

You don't know which road to take.
How will you go home?
What is home?
Where is home?

In Calcutta?
In Delhi?
In Hyderbad?
In Mumbai?
In all the houses I've lived in?
Where all my loved ones live?
My mom's house?
Where my brother lives?
Where my beloved grew up?
Where my love resides?

Is it where I breathe the lightest?
In his arms?
In the pause in a poem?
In a tune's smile?

In me?
A place?
A place which is eternal.
Where I've often paused and rested awhile.

In all the lives I've lived?
Is it the body in which my soul lives?
Is it in a shelf in outer space?

I'm confused.
I wanna go home.
Where is it?

it flows again

18th January 2015

so it flows again
slowly, it hesitates.
stops and then starts again.
its been a long time
so it hesitates
but it flows again.

the pierced.
the wound.
had bettered
not healed.
it trickles again.

don't. don't. don't be hard.
don't push it. it's gentle. it's vulnerable. it'll crumble. yet again.

it be said. it's been said. it be said again.
eternal cycles of flood and drought reign and will do so.
sometimes more. sometimes less.
but always something. always something.
never nothing. never nothing.
always something.