12th December '08

Yes I am a weird person…
With super random thoughts

Going Back Home

I donno if I’m excited about going back home…..
I think I am..
But other times, I’m sometimes scared of being excited….
Mixed feelings

What’s in a name

MY name announces me to the world as the Daughter of Goddess Lakshmi. But, when questioned, or asked in detail about my name, this year….some research later I discovered, there’s no daughter of Goddess Lakshmi mentioned in our holy scriptures. So what do u think was my reply to “who IS the daughter of Goddess Lakshmi?”
It was total Sharukh Khan ishtyle “Main Hoon Na (I am there)..

But really, looking sideways: I do not exist at a level (name wise). So there’s a certain abstractness which is quite in conjunction with me.

a figment of imagination,
a conceived notion,
me. I’m at peac
a could-be,
a could-be-not.

I guess, that’s with my name. Cause non-existence in a documented form frees me to float through the layers, levels and logistics. I can live in dreams, dive about in blue seas, think bizarre….. be different in different dimensions..
I’m free. Freed by a name….
Then they say, what’s in a name?

Is Brown the new Black?

I see brown eyes everywhere “lenses”. Where’s the kaali-kaali aankhein (black black eyes) which have been the talk about Indian women, since time immemorial.
The black kohl vs the brown kohl
I see brown in the shoes category, which was dominated by black.
I carry a brown li’l backpack-kinda sling myself.
Where black was a necessary goes with all some years back, we see brown creeping in.
Sharing your forte with brown…how does it feel black?

Some people are so god-damn cute

People some people, so cute so.
Like this guy, I got married to, is so cute so.
Weird cute, the way I like it.
Hah. See I’m capable of saying nice things about you.

Pugs Punny

It’s the puns which crack me up…but the puns can’t be obvious puns. I love the puns they weaved in onto Madagascar – escape to Africa- Superb, you know. Just saw the movie yesterday. Great…I can see it all over again….

7th December '08

Tales unheard…
But heard all the time..


Breaking backs
Aching legs
Crying children
Uncoordinated moves
A dance performance

A dancer
A novice

A step
A composition

All I can say is, “I’ll try”
Let the uncertainty wither