An Everyday

17th December '09

But the candle light was green. Where did the yellow hide?
The wine was was turning blue?

It was in another place, another time just another dimension altogether. Her's was blue, and his was yellow. And when their slavers collided, it was green all over. Her long locks were the bedcovers and his caresses were electric. Who were they?

The clouds screened the sunlight, just let the violet in. The stars led a mutiny, to the dark they marched.

It was on earth that a bud bloomed. It was from a desk an ink-pen rolled and spilled royal blue ink on white marbled floor. It was for me that a wind blew and carried news from far-far-away.

Suddenly, on a travel

21st Nov '09

In a moment of understanding
of someone else's grief...
Without knowledge, almost instantly
you take it upon yourself...
And then tears roll down
the pain is yours...
Still auto reflecting you
try to throw the pain away
as if it's untouchable
But it's been touched
you can't deny it...
So you just sit and pray
that Lord gives you the strength
and keeps your loved ones safe...
' Please don't let my fears shadow them!'