28th Feb'13

pull out the hair
pull pull pull
till it comes all out

pull it hard
so it pulls the nerves

let the nerves in the head
be pulled out straignt
straight out of the nervous entangled
pulled out of the complicated

pull out in a strand
out of the knotted system

pull out nerves
that give blood to the grey
numb it
just pull the plug

let it be
brain dead

Fragmented I live. Whole I'd die.

16th February '13

bits of soul.
bits of emotions.
bits of persons one's been.
bits of experiences.
bits of hopes.
bits of expectations.
bits of the bits of the lots of thing.

these scattered bits come together.
these scattered bits make groups.
these scattered bits get into conflicts with each other.
these scattered bits discuss.
these scattered bits have engaging conversations.
these scattered bits co-exist.
these scattered bits can't co-exist.
these scattered bits morph into personalities.

On a swing in the dark with a glass of wine

Seated on suspended ropes
I hang mid air
Swinging in all directions
Not touching
But too close to the ground

Drops drops everywhere
White glistening sparkling ones
They drench my dress
Oh the stench
Such a scent

The silent shadow holds the ropes
The swinging continues
It's a play of light
Not real
It looms anyway
Raising hope

Shadow's waiting
Seated away
There but not there yet

Swinging continues
Up up up in the air

love is red?


bow wow..


woof woof...this is what this li'l kid kept shouting out to dogs of all types as he pedaled his cycle within the complex. Was he saying HI to them? Or just woofing to them, as he couldn't well expect them to speak to him.

The winter's receding. The branches are stark. Waiting for the colours of the spring to dress them up.

It's the eve of Valentine's Day. Tomorrow when I get out of the house.. the whole world would be a swarm of coincidentally dressed red bees.

The whole world revolves around love every single day.. and especially on this day...when it's all about love.. it seems more about RED... red hearts, red roses, red dresses...

Why can't love be water's BLUE or even the sunshine's YELLOW...

Who associated LOVE with RED? Was it the same person who linked it to CHristmas?

the marshes are in the woods

13th Febrauary'13

as you sink down down down
you pull down trees with you
trees and their roots and branches
and li'l nests with eggs and squirrels and fairy folk

glee of the gulps - the last gulps of air and then the gulps of muddy water
the gulps as you submerge
the gulps as li'l bubbles of air go up
the gulps as the surface engulfs you

sucked into the vortex
everything goes round and round
is it the world spinning around me
or am I the top?

a wail through the woods
the marshes are full again
the sounds of harp grow faint
the marshes are full again