Never, you’ve never been away from me!

Your thought
Suddenly floods my mind
Like clouds, like sunrays, like moonshine.

It doesn’t just sadden me
It fills me up also with joy,
Exuberant joy –
Like the gurgling of a flowing river
Like the warmth around the fireplace in winter
Like the comfort of a soft shawl wrapped snuggly around
Like the fragrance of magnolias
Like the velvety feel of pansies
In these ways,
And in so many other ways
Your thought brings you closer to me.

In laughter
In the creases of my dress
In loving endearments
In the echo of my words,
You hide,
Then suddenly emerge
And become one with me
Like salt in water.

Never, you’ve never been far –
Have you?

In loving memory of 'nanima' who would have turned 90 today

(Translation of the poem ‘Smriti’ by Kumidini Khaitan on 24th October ’13 by Keshav & Shreeja )

I agree, Calvin

7th October '13

yellow sipper mugs
and orange ink
thoughts that trail in meetings
the silent bell for lunch rings

funny faces and looks across the room
listening, but I'm still not here
here, but I'm not listening still

' agree, Calvin
reality continues to ruin my life too