Traversing spirits

15th April '2014

Traversing spirits sometimes reside in me

Bits of Conversations
In sentences, in words, in gestures, in meaning
Still remain in me.

How to forget?
How to remember?
How to? Exactly.

Let me love.
Oh! Love I do.
Oh! Let me love.
Love I do.
But then the spirits awaken. 

Sands of time

15th April '2014

Wanna wake up when I want to
Kiss the Sun 'good morning' in its prime
Say 'goodbye' right away and put on the ac
Draw the blinds
Have a hearty breakfast and sleep again.

Wanna watch the stars tonight
Until they disappear into the morning light
Sit by the window
Stare into space
Listen to music
Read a book
Maybe poetry
Sip on a drink
Not worry the hour
For once
Just once
Own the sands of time.