Coming Back

November '2014

I came back after a long time
  to live
    to laugh
      to cry.
To hear myself breathe.
To feel the living in me.

I came back to myself.
It's not easy.
It's a journey
through rivers,
      judgemental people
        and situations.
I have to cut through all and emerge

I hold my cloak close.
The crystals shine
  and show me the way..


November '2014

The darkness inside of me spills out like industrial waste.
it's grainy, slimy, creepy with a stench and dirty.
very very dirty.

I take out a spoonful of the slime, everyday
and become cleaner, everyday.
I bathe in the sunlight, everyday
and disinfect the germs, everyday.

I'm swimming through the mud
into clearer water, still,
into cleaner air, still
with spiral rainbows and spinning fishes,
with powdered surfaces and daffodil hills.

Let it be

November '2014

let me be, just let me be..

I'm me, not you, not your expectations..
everyone's themselves, just let them be..

If you have no kindness, no consideration, no heart..
forever hold your tongue, just shut the fuck up..

What makes you think you're more important than the soul beside you?

We're all insignificant..
or we're all significant..

No grades, no ladders, no marks..

let it be.
let it go.

Do not be afraid.