21st Jan '07

Earth, earth, earth,
wet earth,
dry earth,
green earth...
earth, earth, earth...
my mother, earth.

Let me seep into you,
get deep within you,
please rest me in your womb...

The surface is everywhere
and yes there is space...
But I yearn for the depths,
the folds, the layers of tenderness,
the different faces,
the different colours
of passion,
of emotion
and of care.


Life!! said...

Found you on HAzel Dreams "Pujo" Post (August 2006). and as i read through the romanticism you carry in all your posts...
its amazing.

Life!! said...

heyy thanks for your lovely comment on my "Restless Peace". Look forward to visiting your blog more often as well as having your imprints on my blogspot as welll. Cheers!