29th September '07

Where are you God?
Tell me, will you?
Is it the rituals I'm lacking?
Or is it some mistake I've made?
Tell me?
Is this relationship also, not unconditional?
Why have you left me so alone?
Why are you not anywhere around?
Why don't you speak to me?
For Gods' sake!

I need to breathe
but I can't find fresh air anywhere..
I need to live, to walk on forward
but, wherever I step the earth slips away from underneath.
I'm doing everything, I can..
The doing bit is ok..
But why can't I do my mind?

There's a wallow inside.
A sink pit ..which pulls me inside.
It's swallowing me,
gobbling me alive.
help! help! help!
No one heard my cries.

Some days back,
it seems ages now.
I felt I was a bird.
To fly high in the skies.
I felt my wings..
and was dying to feel the air.
But now,
the wings are there, the sky is there..
and I'm tied down by invisible ropes.
Who tied me?
I don't know?
Maybe I did it myself.
And then forgot the knots
and the way to untie them.

b4 the clock struck 12

A li'l letter I write to you..
just some words.
a sincere attempt
to tell you just a small thing.
that I'm not ok.
you see
I miss you
a lot
and nostalgia
makes me sick.
deep inside..
so the real message is
just come back
and if you really really can't
then just be back for one second..
just a second you can spare..
you better spare
and take me
with you.
and ever.
and ever.

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