23rd June '08

What to do with ice creams, butts and birthday balloons?

Ok I’m not gonna get into details of licking-kicking-pricking.

All I wanna say in this piece of writing is, that headlines and the beginning of any piece of writing can be very misleading.
SO can life, be misleading.
So can, first impressions.
Even, gut instincts, when trusted turn Brutus.
And when not, come back and shout “I told u so” till u say OK loud enough.

Trust in this world: a spectrum of doubt is like a pearl. It shines.
Trust.Yes, do trust. So that they may trust you

Yes the doubt’s there.
Maybe you are serving your back to a dagger.

But for that loving faithful lick
But for that total trust kick
But for that bitter-sweet prick

What’s there in a back?

1 comment:

Vyzz said...

I read somewhere that when someone says "I told you so" isn't your best friend, hwo could they be? They are supposed to sit by you and see you through the mess. Not point fingers.

A friend of mine, told me "I told you so" some ages back. And then later, it just fell into place.

Maybe sometimes, i told you so's define the way your friendship is going.

It defines it pretty right.