11th July '08

Ring a ring a roses
Pocket full of poses
Hush a
Hush a
We all fall down

Falling down is about death.
Death is about rebirth
Rebirth is about life
Life is about love
Love is about emotions
Emotions is about expression
Expression is about relationships
Relationship is about living
Living is about death
Death is definitely not falling
U know

It’s about going back to the beginning of a cycle.

I think, about how many times we must have gone through this cycle? Millions? Billions?
And then in the next life are we back to square one?
Are we connecting?
Ever tried to ever go below the conscious level into the treasure of the sub-conscious and the unconscious mind?
We might or might not be able to fathom. But are we willing to even try? It’s coz, even with the globalization phenomena affecting all. With all the exposure one can get in a blessed life. We are still “koop mandooks” so as to mean, “frogs in a well”.

Li’l do we realize. To reach out to the outer cosmic space, the route starts inside our own selves.
And yeah, the most difficult task in the word ever is to figure your own self out. Try it out. It sure isn’t easy. I’m at it all the time. Trust me.


Vyzz said...

yea..u know if recent..ive gone really deep into this system of wher edid earth coem from..to what is our purpose in life? procreation? and what keep sus all together? adn what keeps us going? only love?


well..i swear one day i'll know..and funny thing is, i'll be dead by then..hahaha


supriya said...

maybe i should start applying this to my life!