23rd June '08

What to do with ice creams, butts and birthday balloons?

Ok I’m not gonna get into details of licking-kicking-pricking.

All I wanna say in this piece of writing is, that headlines and the beginning of any piece of writing can be very misleading.
SO can life, be misleading.
So can, first impressions.
Even, gut instincts, when trusted turn Brutus.
And when not, come back and shout “I told u so” till u say OK loud enough.

Trust in this world: a spectrum of doubt is like a pearl. It shines.
Trust.Yes, do trust. So that they may trust you

Yes the doubt’s there.
Maybe you are serving your back to a dagger.

But for that loving faithful lick
But for that total trust kick
But for that bitter-sweet prick

What’s there in a back?

23rd June '08

What do you do when it refuses to stay?
It’s free he says
And wanders about

Dancing about

Prancing about

To the stars
In the daylight

To the glory
In hibernation

To the meadows
In doors

It’s wild
It’s out of control
It’s mad
And driving me crazy

And he says the culprit is me.
How can that ever be?

20th June '08

Home away from home?

Maybe not
Sometimes yes
Sometimes not

Who likes home food?
I like it, now
Who wants to sleep?
I want to, now

All mine

All mine

An evening star
A strange bird
An aromatic whiff
A known smile

It’s a cycle
Cycle of change
It’s moving
Moving towards
Definitely something

13th June, 2008

Figuring out life, as one lives, don’t we many a time forget to live? It’s not the visible surface to the open-eyed world the face of life. It’s the undercurrents we feel. They make me, the true me.

If I can handle them: the feelings beneath the skin, the sensation underneath the smile, the emotions below siding the eyes and bring them on to the surface to merge, then that’ll be a true achievement.

A true oneness with oneself? Or Nirvana? Or Peace?


A true life

12th June '08

I'm an atom
part of the infinite
A droplet in the monsoons
A spec of earth on the ground
A ray of hope
A laugh
A giggle
A sigh
A tear
A dream
A desire
Among so-so so many
I belong
I exist
I, an atom

30th May 2008

to see is not to believe
to believe is not to see
the words don't express
they just try just too hard
but what about the stuff
stuff undefined
let me make up a word
it expresses what i feel
do you know what it could mean?

tossed in space
I travel
orbitting around
god knows what?
a sun
a planet
a satellite
or an asteroid
maybe a li'l consequential
who knows
whats the conspiracy
what do the elements intend
is there a way?
a technique?
to know....
exactly where you're going.