Get a Life

24th July '08
So you move in life. Keep living day after day. Trying to fit as many hours between minutes and seconds between hours.
And you call it life.
Good life.
Ok Life.
Could be better life.
I’m loving it Life.
Anything. As long as you have a life. But what about people who don’t have a life at all?
They get into other people’s life, wanted or unwanted.
They’ll peer into every aspect of these “other people”, comment within/ outside earshot range, pass judgments when no one requires them to do so etc.
Don’t be hassled by them, Other-people. What you need to do is, help these life-less beings get a life. Not everyone’s as lucky as you are.

23rd July, 2008

of nails and hammers
and sickles and ploughs

we hear the tales of human form

of kisses and deaths
and murders and pills

the world is everchangingly same

practical but wrong
impractical dreams’
loving passion
and bleeding faith

rings and shoes and bags and hats
jumps and pushes and smiles and sneers

what are we getting at?

20th July "08

the bubble burst
alas it was a spoof

11th July '08

Ring a ring a roses
Pocket full of poses
Hush a
Hush a
We all fall down

Falling down is about death.
Death is about rebirth
Rebirth is about life
Life is about love
Love is about emotions
Emotions is about expression
Expression is about relationships
Relationship is about living
Living is about death
Death is definitely not falling
U know

It’s about going back to the beginning of a cycle.

I think, about how many times we must have gone through this cycle? Millions? Billions?
And then in the next life are we back to square one?
Are we connecting?
Ever tried to ever go below the conscious level into the treasure of the sub-conscious and the unconscious mind?
We might or might not be able to fathom. But are we willing to even try? It’s coz, even with the globalization phenomena affecting all. With all the exposure one can get in a blessed life. We are still “koop mandooks” so as to mean, “frogs in a well”.

Li’l do we realize. To reach out to the outer cosmic space, the route starts inside our own selves.
And yeah, the most difficult task in the word ever is to figure your own self out. Try it out. It sure isn’t easy. I’m at it all the time. Trust me.

10th July '08

Suppose. I suppose. You suppose. He supposes. All suppose.
Supposition forms the basis of human relations and strangely for most of the theories we study. It’s always a supposition. The beginning and the end of anything and everything

I’ve been a bharatiya-shaadi-shuda-naari for exactly 2.5 months today. Already. Yeah man, totally.It’s been a roller coaster ride since the one week notice to the altar, havan-kund in this case. And then a subsequent flight to Hyderabad, stop at ISB campus.

My pati-parmeshwar is the same character as ever, however every single day spent with him, literally living (seems like living in ) is randomly amusing with different flashes of colours and patterns seeping in from all direction. Hats off to him. Really. He takes my weirdness really well. Kudos Darling.

My house, Our house, Our home. Is home now. From the hotel type feel of empty walls and leather sofas and white sheets, We’ve turned SV3_E6 into a haven where we recede into colour and memories and joys of life.

I’m so many new things now. New titles to me. A Kanoria. A spouse. A Mrs. A wife. A …….“in-law”. And it goes on and on. Crazy. But just answering to new addresses hasn’t changed me a bit. Crazy. Yes, I’m still crazy and half a crack-pot. The way I’ve always been. And hopefully shall remain so.

I’m amazed at myself, at how I could manage and do so much and so easily. (I donot deny teething troubles). And yeah, The cook in me has emerged too. I can make food. And normal ghar food, lalalalalla. And I make it fingerlicking, lipsmacking, mouthwatering good. Hah. It’s not difficult. It’s creative. And I love it.

Bharatiya shaadi-shuda naari exudes and air about it. And I can’t identify with it. But still I think I’m doing a gud job. And the best part is. It doesn’t feel like a job. Seems like I’m playing a game or something.

A different place, a strange simulated life. An array of familiar faces, some friends, some acquaintances and some just there. Pangs of god-knows what, and then the routine steps in. New things to do, explore. Spread outwards, find perspectives. To reflect inside.
SO much to do. But moods intercept. It’s a way of life. Keep your fingers crossed and encourage the positive, Dream and Believe. And most important, ignore the negative like they don’t even exist, lest they take your wind away.

Fly away my dear. Fly away.The nest shall give you rest.
Fly away my dear, Fly away.
The rhythms beat the chest.
Fly away my dear. Fly away.
But remember,
Crest is where you rest.

2nd July '08

yes i flew away to different shores
but the shores seem so alike

some friends flew down to visit
some to stay, some to flicker
but they forgot to look my way

their beaks are pointed, feathers the same,
but flocks there are aplenty

wings they flap to different winds
different winds there are

the nest we shared
the shore we shared
the different shore we share too

just u look there
and i look here
my mates
we are found
yet lost