one of those day

6th June '10

She was in the dark, amidst clouds, wet with tears in a chaotic space.
The day changed colour : orange, yellow, grey, white, blue, indigo, black.
She was trying to figure out how to forgive someone who'd apologized for a thought. a thought?
The day was hungry, without any laughter, companionship, ale or bread.
She was sitting and wondering where was she now. Wasn't it all figured?
The day rolled out impossible, dubious with a lot of warnings.
She breathed fire onto all those who trespassed, even remotely.
The day shall come to an end, but not soon enough. There are tasks at hand.

1 comment:

Supriya said...

"she" lives inside many of us fiery heads.
"she" also knows how to come out of it!