in passing

11th August ‘11

Out of sight. Out of mind.

Does this hold true? Maybe to a certain degree. But that necessarily doesn’t mean that the subject is not tucked somewhere in some very fond corner of the heart, to come up to the mind aimlessly, like a song from an oblivious, infinite playlist in shuffle mode.

I really don’t truly believe in the randomness of the shuffle mode. I think there’s a definite pattern there, somewhere. Probably again, known to the higher mind, the great strategist or the omnipresent. I can sometimes guess the complicated flowchart of the pattern, but don’t know a way of validating my doubts. Do the psychology experts know?

Life emanating of me
Images springing and dancing and jumping off a cliff
A face leaving the trail of its thought behind
Lazy working days full of restless ideas
Commute amidst many, through several modes.

a drive, a tube, an escalator, a tunnel,
a rickshaw, a meter,  a subway, a walk,
a bus, a conductor, a  stop, some stairs..
a journey, an exchange, some time,
just a wee bit of life. 

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Saurav Keyal said...

Nice. I also really liked the title of this- 'in passing'!!!