pass the pickle

31st January '14

Sometimes it’s tough to be yourself
And live your life like you used too..

I can’t hear the world anymore
The seas are calling out to me
In the day
The whales scream
The dolphins spin in the air
In the night
I see the turtles crawling up to me..

I can’t see the people around me anymore
They’re all but a haze
The colours are drugging me
Playing with my consciousness
Tugging me into dreams
I spend the day trying to keep my eyes open..

I feel too much..
The cold pierces in
The warmth hisses
I taste too much..
The pickle I took a fortnight ago
The water I’ll sip in a while
I sense the bewilderment trying to drown me..

You think it’s a phase, just a day
Tomorrow would be different

But will it?

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