Mother to twins!

2nd March 2016

I’m a mother to twins, now.
8 months ago it was Rumi, my little pup. 
And now I have three!

Sometimes it seems unbelievable. Like a hazy reality it dawns on me with creeping irritation caused by sleeplessness and physical pain. It strikes true as the cloud of the overwhelmed feeling envelopes me and rains incessantly.

Sometimes the feeling of a soft cheek on mine feels like heaven. Through all the pain I smile and laugh and sing songs to keep every bit of sadness away from my li’l ones. And the rhythm of two heartbeats on my chest gives me bliss.

Naina and Kanishk. My little ones. My little little ones.

They already have so much within them. I’m amazed! I understand now that motherhood is not about teaching but about learning from the babies. They have so much in them already. Their personality, behavior, character and traits are forming as I write this. I’m no one to interfere in that process. I can just help guide that into the right routes. This responsibility seems too great as of now.

Well this piece was supposed to be a conversation with myself. It’s sounding too deep already. Maybe I should try another one afresh on a lighter note.

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