In a moment of peace

12th June 2016

One is sleeping
            oblivious to the world
            hands spread out, palms open
            receiving the knowledge of the ancient masters
            understanding the world
            in deep meditation
            in sleep meditation
            digesting the day, today.
Two looked here
            smiled at me
and then looked away
she’s listen to music
Indian classical ragas
having a conversation with the ustads
aa aa aa aaa aaaa…
was that an alap?
Three put her paw on the pad
            she’s asking me,  “what are you doing?
            what could be more important than looking into my pretty pretty eyes?”
            the vain one
she knows
            she’s the prettiest beagle in town
            the lively one with the wagging tail
            she knows

            Mumma loves Best!

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