September "we turn 7 months" Updates


Kanishk is cranky. Seems like a fourth tooth is on the way. He had fallen in love with fans. He looks at them and smiles. His favourite song is 'wheels of the bus'. If you don't sing that he won't eat.

Naina is the background music through all. She sings to herself while she eats, changes and sleeps. She can play peekaboo through the day. Also, she loves books. Sorry she loves to eat books. She also eats faces, and chaddar and anything that moves and doesn't move.

Rumi is always on the prowl for food. Rumi is always hoping for food. Rumi is always begging for more food. She likes a little belly rub to go with it once in a while too.

Mommy is going crazy. Cooking and Burning and Burning and Cooking, with cook down. She burnt khichdi. Tried to make chilla with sattu thinking it's besan. She is also trying very hard to turn babies into readoholics. In fact that has turned her into a book-shopaholic. 40 kids' books plus one freebie book just got delivered. 🙈

Daddy as usual... Missing in Action. Actually not. He holds the fort in the morning and at night.

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