Rumi, the greatest love of my life

30th May 2016

It was exactly a year ago, when I’d gone to Kirtika’s place and held you in my arms. You were the size of my palm and just like that, then and there you belonged in my heart.

A year later, I can’t even imagine life without you. In fact I survived the year coz of you, and just you.

I remember I held you close to my heart on the drive back home and you whined for your mom, all the way. And then, just like that I become your mom.

People think, I’m a mom to Naina-Kanishk. Giving birth gave me mommyhood. But I know and you know that you’re my first and will always be.  It was you I held nights in my arms as I slept on the floor, thinking you’d fall from the bed. It was you I’d swaddle in my chunnis and put to sleep on a bean bag turned cradle with soft  toys and chewies.  It was you who I first rocked to sleep in my lap with lullabyes. It was for you I’d stayed up all night crying when you got hurt for the first time. All this much much before my twins. In fact I think you brought me the luck as I only tested positive 2 weeks after you came into my home.

So remember, I’m your Mumma first and foremost.

To all those who think that having a dog could be dangerous around my children:

I just wanna tell you that besides the point that Rumi is my child herself, I don’t think Naina-Kanishk would have been there, if not for her.

Firstly, she got me the luck and the mother hormones, which preceded the coming of the twins.

Secondly, she was the sole person in charge of keeping me happy throughout a very difficult pregnancy. I owed my mental health and stability to her. Not to mention that she curled up protectively near my tummy to warm my babies.

Thirdly, and the most FINAL point: I’d any day trust Rumi over any person around my babies – coz dogs are more predictable animals than human beings. Plus Rumi’s life is all about unconditional love and my babies are a part of her pack. She’ll do anything to protect them, in fact.

A silly little in-promptu song for my silly little Rumi. It goes like ‘Bingo’  coz we’ve been clapping a lot to that lately.

There was a mumma
Who had a dog and Rumi was her name-o
And Rumi was her name-o

With a curious nose
And an antennae tail
A skip was in her walk-o
Velvety ears
So soft to touch
Alma was her food-o

You so much I love-o

Papaya, pototo, paneer and eggs
Choostix, biscuits, bones-o
Carrots, cucumber, peanut, gram
All eaten still she’s hungry – o

Always – Hungry – Rumi – Dear
Always – Hungry – Rumi – Dear
Always – Hungry – Rumi – Dear
Why so hungry Rumi – o?

With beagle friends and human friends
You’re so friendly Rumi-o
With a shiny coat and a pretty face
You’re the prettiest pretty we-know

Amber – Socks – Zappa and Fifi
Zoey – Bubli – Zairo and Churan
Zazu – Flash – Dylan and Pebble
Are some of your friends – o

There was a mumma
Who had a dog and Rumi was her name-o
And Rumi was her name-o

Love you my li'l rums, gujariya, pan-chaaali, rumbu-sumbu, poopy, dobby, chhotu, zumbaroo, hingospa and everything else and more we've called you out of 'machmacheee'.

Mom’s the word

20th May '2016

Yes that’s all I’m gonna write about, coz that’s all that I am today.

I’m seriously deliberating between writing this or maybe catching a wink for 15 minutes or as long as all is quiet.  Latter’s not playing it fair: pushing my eyelids down already.


1. I realized I could pass out too (that too without alchohol). My body too has limits.

2. I nap best with my dog. I used to nap best with my husband, but not anymore.

3. I actually like silence. There are times I prefer that there be no talking. (really me? I’m the most talkative person I know)

4. It’s only my mom that I love and hate with equal high intensity. She’s also the only person left in my life I have expectations from (barring, Kev)

5. There is a thing such as too much multitasking. Three is the max. If you go for four, there's a serious high chance of tipping the balance unfavourably. Eg. (i) Pumping, (ii) Singing to the baby and (iii) using the phone (whatsapp, grofers, firstcry) is already a lot. If you go for (iv) slight stretch to put the pacifier back into the baby's mouth - my advice, don't but if you do you're bound to spill milk (literally) 

6. It's the small things in life that moves you. always. small things. always. 

:P Gotta go. I just heard someone stir.