An Apology and Back

13th June '06

Days and Nights are going by... each moment tapers down into another,
contaminated silence with circumstancial doubt....
I'm sorry for the pins I pricked...

In the darkness of the nights
..when I sob silently,
And in the light of the day
..when my eyes well up with tears.
Now, I know I'm not alone.....
A part of you
..holds me in a warm embrace everytime it happens.
A part of you smiffs of memories, makes me smile.
And a part of yoy
..leads me to the dreamy sands
...and in the cozy-comfort of snuggly visions
....I, then go to sleep.

1 comment:

Life!! said...

can relate with this so well... thanks for expressing what most of us feel in such beautiful words. do keep visiting my page for more.. Khoob Bhaalo :)