Primordial Spirits

13th June '06

O' my darling darling you know it too??
o' my sweetherat heartthrob you feel it too??
Centuries and centuries have gone gallore
..but from time immemorial
...we've been me and you.
Searching for the gone-by moments
..of scores of decades before
the familiarity we feel not of this age..I'm sure..
Through the time, through the layers
..seeking each other out
toward love...we both have been devout.
End of misery to feel the pain...
through bouts of ties
..and atlast to the deepest unknown.
Deep..the depth..we've traversed it before..
lighter and higher...
and deeper and lower...
Merging, demerging our souls playing games..
Spiralling and spinning magnets in a cosmic dance.
Search my soul and Post-mortem my being..
thoughts and thoughts and feelings and memories..
of lives....of essence...
of existence..
in each others' mere presence.
Through the silence echo
..the words spoken before..
The look in the eye..
..we've shared in some ancient sphere before.
Like banjaras different forms...
we've vagabonged and looked life in awe.
Through cycles of life..
beyond birth and death...
we've seeked one-another in every fore.
As clouds, as droplets the gleam of sun....
With flowers, with fragrance
..with tunes of love....
In rain, in winter
..under the rainbow dome....
Fresh as dew
and as nascent as a new leaf....
..A Primordial Love Renewed.

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