14th November '07

Why did you make me cry
when you didn't have time to wipe the tears
Why did you say goodbye with eyes so sad
when coming back was never on your agenda
Why did you hold me so tight
when suddenly for meeting me, time wasn't right
Why did you weave dreams with me under the stars
when my nightmares you couldn't kill
Why did you say you loved me
when you just couldn't be with me
Why did you entwine our lives
and then proceeded to live your own
Why did you say I'm yours
and then pulled me apart
Why did you, my love?
Where are you now?
Do you know....
why my eyes rain?


Anonymous said...

Oh shreeja, such melancholy!

Are you alright??????
CAll me please!!


Sups said...

isn't everyone in love looking for those answers at some point of time?