28th November '07

Strewn between books
A life which is life
A thought which thinks
The same stuff over and over again…

Past rekindles a flame
A flame which burns so brightly
Burns my insides…
But this heat I like
This sunny smoldering feeling

I have a mission
I have a goal
I have a dream
I have, I have, I have.
I had?

19th November '07

the head is not free
the head is not fine
there’s something on it
there’s a weirdness about it

feel like falling and falling and further falling
and then hitting and hitting hard such that the hit hits
feel like running and running and running till I reach the very end
and then at the end, collapsing in a way that it really ends for the last time

I’m to learn to
Smile my sadness
Clap with tears
Tap dance thru it all

I will……wait…for the real thing….

When ur happy and you know it……

14th November '07

post the not so complete 'gudnight'

So what if I wasn't your passion
at least I was your love
So what if your obsessions are made of stones
at least I'm there who melts around you
So what if the day became night and the night ended
tomorrow will be a new day
with new dreams, desires and hopes
maybe more tears and heart breaks
I end the day today
smeared with ink
and blotted ink
Let the sun rise tomorrow
I have yet too many questions

14th November '07

Why did you make me cry
when you didn't have time to wipe the tears
Why did you say goodbye with eyes so sad
when coming back was never on your agenda
Why did you hold me so tight
when suddenly for meeting me, time wasn't right
Why did you weave dreams with me under the stars
when my nightmares you couldn't kill
Why did you say you loved me
when you just couldn't be with me
Why did you entwine our lives
and then proceeded to live your own
Why did you say I'm yours
and then pulled me apart
Why did you, my love?
Where are you now?
Do you know....
why my eyes rain?

14th November '07

I’ve been writing awhile
But not for me in a long long time
I’ve been writing alright
But not the writing of these kinds

These kinds are meant for me
These kinds are meant for you
These kinds are also meant
Maybe for a passerby,
Who looks and reads
Reads and thinks
Thinks thoughts of its own
But never like you
And never like me
And never ever like us….
Coz u,
That’s us
I really do, write for.

My hands feel like touching the words
My lips go dry, thirst for that dimension
My hair hangs rooted to my scalp, dead
And my heart moves restlessly to reach “a” place

Where are you my darling?
Words elude me
Where are you my darling?
Make me alright
Where are you my darling?
Do you know?
Where are you my darling?
I hope you do
Where are you my darling?
Please be there
Where are you my darling?
Why am I, weird?
Tell me?

9th November '07