27th Feb '08

Adhesive hands
Crazy hair- knotty hair
Saline lips
These are the best days of my life

Clouds are colourful
But they still rain

The love is sharp
so deeper it pierces

But why worry?
These are the best days of my life.

Looks pretty
But feels ugly inside
Looks happy
But feels crappy inside

The meaning is lost
The surface gains momentum

Why should I swim
When I wanna be sunk deep inside?

So this is it.
This is till where it gets.
No further.
Not beyond.
The waters just got muddy.

The being hits the ground
and breaks itself into a trillion pieces
Each piece symbolic
of a shattered dream
of broken hope
and of wings
that were cut
and left to bleed

A li'l finger peeps out of folds somewhere
trying to fit into different hands
the perfect palm
the perfect grip
traversing layers unknown

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