14th May '08

There's a girl who lives inside of me
There's a girl who lives right there
She peeps from the shadows
And listens hard at the door
Dances about
All day inside
She hears the world outside
She yearns the sun outside
but she has no sunscreen
so in the shadow she stays

She smiles
She smiles
She smiles at this night
She's free
She's free
She's free to fly
Spread the wings
Air it now
Flap it up
Put it down.
A broom
A broom
A broomstick
A hat
A hat
And a witch
A cat so black
that night is bright
A night to watch
A night to wake
A night to live
And turn it red


Saurav Keyal said...

So, itz all gud haan? :)

Shreeja said...

yes brother...
all's gud..