1st May '08

I embraced red
to become red's
now I'm red
truly red's.

The winds blew a whirlwind tune
that riggled and jingled in my ears
before I knew
I was in the land of happy years.

The carpet was unravelled
on it I ran
before I knew
I was in the air.

Disoriented, yet nowhere else I'd be
Crazy, but no sanity I yearn
Uprooted, maybe but home
Home, I'm finally to be.

The elements conspired yet again my sweetheart
Atleast we took the vows
The elements got together once more, my love
And here we are bound forever.

The stars shone bright on us my sweetheart
And the moon twirled around
The stars found home in our eyes
And we in each others arms.

To see
To be
with my "he"
was all your "she"


Vyzz said...

Awww!!!! :)

Shreeja said...

i'm happy