11th September '08

I swam unto the deepest seas and the reckless grew
I scathed the bleeding bruises and the twinges skewed
But the nothing I cannot take
But the shallow I cannot wade

I hurled pebbles unto it
I blew kisses in the air when it turned
But the tears didn’t betray
But the emotions didn’t flow

I will keep to myself I say
I will not look out I repeat
But the kinship gets formed
But the vulnerable gets out

I am to be the dwindling dark
I am to be the bitch
But no one understands
But no one knows

I roll into the traffic lights
I jump and skirt the beds
But the thorns lash out to prick
But the flowers wither in a week

I hear the loudness deafen
I shout loud and the deafness mores
But in the deafness the conversations flow
But in the loudness the hollowness echoes


Art and Poetry said...

Nice one I like the last two line best!

Shreeja said...

thank you