30th September '08

Like a drop of tear rolling down
I submerge into an ocean of doubt
Like the eyes welling up
In my mind there’s a swell of thought
It has all gone in waste
No one could slaver the taste
The time’s immemorial state
In the end it’s just fate
There’s always so much so that you can do
There’s always so much so that you can say
There’s always a silence, a pause
With it the hope of miracle
The magic moment is passing
The clock is ticking
But still no sign of emergency
After all it’s a just a rolling drop
The world is full of important matter

Lemme not wrinkle the silken white
Lemme not ripple the sail-smooth water


Art and Poetry said...

IT's a nice poem, your poetry is more advanced than my rhymes!

Vyzz said...

:) wowiee

Supriya said...

and who dared hurt dear shreeja?
she's like a drop of sugar..clearly meetha?

Jagjit said...