20th Oct '08

ITS A Movie TAG!

I’ve been tagged by Vyo (who else?)

1. Name five of your all time favorite movies.....
When Harry met Sally, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Pirates, Lemony Snickets, Madagascar

2. Name one movie which you recommend as a "must see"
Bridges of Madison County( but dare not see it without reading the book)

3. The one and only one movie that you've seen the most number of times in a movie hall
Rang de Basanti (5-6 times)

4. Which movie comes to your mind first, when you think about the funniest movie?
Andaz apna apna

5. Which movie made you really emotional?
Graveyard of the Fireflies “Hotaru na Saka

6. Which movie series, do you think, was as interesting as the first part in the series?
Ice Age

7. Which movie, according to you, didn't live up to your expectations, after all the hype you've heard?
Rock On

8. which movie, really surprised you?
The Prestige

Vyo- I think it’s an unfair tag….it leaves me feeling so cheated….I can’t put so many names…that run about my head…

But a TAG
Is a TAG is a TAG

I tag Supriya, Nick, Jagjit, Saurav and Volunteer( that shall be someone who tags himself/herself)

1 comment:

Vyzz said...


yea i rem fireflies, how we cudnt eat the food rem...

yea im sorry abt the tag, thats how it came to me, so well u mad e ajudicious use of it..lol

a good tag actually girlie..