20th October '08

Was looking back many many years

And was observing how some things change in a way they render themselves just a wee bit faintly cognizable. And some things just never change. Never ever change. Sometimes in a way that may trigger our very best memories and hence nostalgia AND sometimes in a way, that they’re doomed to stay as and where

Especially friends
Especially women

Some friend of a distant shore, so close to my heart tries so so hard to be the same person he was. But alas, he’s changed. He builds stories now, gives reasons, discussions, talks vehemently. That yes, he’s there, and will never change. However some desires, some leniency, some scars took him very far. Sometimes, faintly I see his old spirit lurking behind. May he find it in him to be him again. Be free.

Some friend, bosom pal, oh I loved her, love her so. Is still bearing the pain which pierced her, pierces her and will continue for god knows how long to pierce her
To live upto one’s image, to make one’s desire come true…she crossed all lines of pain, of sufferance, of endurance. Whose fault? Not anyone, her own. Will her desires and dreams coming true, give her salvation? Or more chains shall bind her spirit. And she’ll continue to fly short heights in lies, and stories and faint memories. Is it, Is he, worth it?
I knew her then. Know her now. But will she ever know herself?

Some acquaintance, some friend came to be too soon. And I wondered at the grace. But hearts are to be kept at hold. Or the vulnerable is always taken advantage of. Sometimes even more so without meaning to hurt, hearts break.

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