26th NOvember '08

 Let’s write, Let’s write
Let’s think in ink, in charcoal, in graphite..
Not aloud, yet expressed
Yes, Let the thoughts out

A world of Black and white,
I envision
A world of just Black!
Or just White!

Really! Did u say the Black in the White?

White through a prism, a glass, a lens,
Sprays a gamut of the rainbow seven
And in the absence of white….
…the absence of the VIBGYOR
The Black.

A world also of Greys my Dear
The grey area
With the grey cells
The most important matter my dear

A world of varied colours
A world of varied moods
A world of conflicts
A world of peace
A world of despair
A world of hope

A world so
Violet with the light divine
Yet, so bruised with the purpling poverty
Merry it goes in the vineyard dance
Oh! Did you smell the lilac?

A world so
Indigo with the nation’s pride
Where the soaring skies dip to sensex blues
And the cobalt sapphires glow a trifle light
Yes, one plans to swim the deep seas!

A world so
Green with fauna, flaura and flaunt
Yet, the envy piercing through the key-hole
The houses are big, filled with cash
A leaf, a leaf, a leaf
Produces chlorophyll
Anyone needs oxygen?

A world so
Yellow with lemons and sunflowers and gold
And smiling sunshine of learning children
Yet dirty, yes yellow and dirty
With jaundiced treachery

A world so
Orange with oranges n apricots n peaches n papaya…
An orange dusk and an orange dawn…
The veiled journey, relentless, everyday…
Every single day
The saffron sprinkles

A world so
Red with mirth of divine festivity
Where love reigns supreme
And Kama does ancient dances of seduction
Clueless, Scarlet waits in the Conservatory with a Dagger

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