20th November '08

Writing is a boon. It vents. It reveals. 
Writing is also a curse. It flows. It unearths.

It's a part of you. A lot of who you are. Strangely, it's very difficult to write something you don't feel. Strangely, it's a lot easier to believe something which is written, than what is said. Maybe because it's more soul-ful.

that's why i call my blog expressed...
caoz it's expression done- expressed.

I'm not a perfect person. I'm not a perfect soul. But I try to (I can) , am able to (thanks to god) keep my intentions correct. And that also, if if thwarted by the grapevine rounds. should I care?

I just gotta keep my circle tight. And have in my mind, lotsa might. Right. Right. Right.

And then, with a smile on my face... CHARAIVAiTee. CHARAIVAiTee.


Vyzz said...


ye kya hai??


Shreeja said...

it means to keep moving in life...
flowing liek a river....in the likes of "chalna hee jeevan hai"