14th May '08

There's a girl who lives inside of me
There's a girl who lives right there
She peeps from the shadows
And listens hard at the door
Dances about
All day inside
She hears the world outside
She yearns the sun outside
but she has no sunscreen
so in the shadow she stays

She smiles
She smiles
She smiles at this night
She's free
She's free
She's free to fly
Spread the wings
Air it now
Flap it up
Put it down.
A broom
A broom
A broomstick
A hat
A hat
And a witch
A cat so black
that night is bright
A night to watch
A night to wake
A night to live
And turn it red

13th May '08

So I’m here.
In this li’l pocket of civilization. Set-up life.
Where the unrealities come real. And the reels roll.
Roles roll. People roll. Time rolls.
It’s a sabbatical. I’d say. Or deep slumber, where one stays awake.
What’s next
What’s not next
Let’s leave the questions unmarked
And then change our state
From solid to vapour and then to water
Water that flows
Flows and flows
Meanders and dances and falls and lazes
And then ...................

12th May '08

the time slips between my fingers
and diamonds glisten in the sun
i'm at a checkpoint
a rest point
the road divides no more
choices i had expressed
all i wanted i received
now the question next
what are the wants
that i need

5th May '08

Living a dream
and still can't sleep
As someone does li'l snores beside me.
Love me li'l one
love me on
and on.
As for now
it's enough,
the music
of your heartbeat
and the lullaby
of your snores

1st May '08

I embraced red
to become red's
now I'm red
truly red's.

The winds blew a whirlwind tune
that riggled and jingled in my ears
before I knew
I was in the land of happy years.

The carpet was unravelled
on it I ran
before I knew
I was in the air.

Disoriented, yet nowhere else I'd be
Crazy, but no sanity I yearn
Uprooted, maybe but home
Home, I'm finally to be.

The elements conspired yet again my sweetheart
Atleast we took the vows
The elements got together once more, my love
And here we are bound forever.

The stars shone bright on us my sweetheart
And the moon twirled around
The stars found home in our eyes
And we in each others arms.

To see
To be
with my "he"
was all your "she"

17th April '08

Him and me
and me and him
it's all about us you see

I'll be with him
no goodbyes
forever and ever it'll be

i'm happy inside
teary outside
and weird all over the place

guess what's happening
i donot know
i've never been a bride2b b4

write it out pen
on this lined paper please
all that i have inside
u see
all of a sudden
i donot understand myself at all
you see

should i dance
should i sing
should i be doing anything at all
i wonder
as the pen writes

I'm thinking
I'm scared
I'm excited
I donno what exactly I am

27th March '08

To lie in the corners
To die in the limelight

To cry in silent sobs
To laugh hollow among crowds

To dream. To dream. To dream.
To pain. To pain. To pain.

To paint the truth
To wash the sins

To exist like an atom
To be


tell me who I am

Sailing away to distant shores

I left my wings behind

and when I returned for them

after some many years

I saw

I'd forgotten how to fly

..........Love is mine

love is his

love is so very ours

then why am I lost in these wee hours?