27th November '08

 I say

Let’s all just stop living…

In this claim to fame reality show


Let these assholes come and butcher the lifelessness

Anyway …. They just killed some people…

How can they kill the spirit of a nation…


Well. No dear one was a mishap……

But still….I feel breached…

Yes my spirit is hurt..pierced…violated…


Idiots….what’s in their psyche…

What’s their bloody cause??

Blood sucking hyenas…..kill for the joy…


I refuse to believe they have any god damn cause…

Victims have come to avenge,….



Don’t you have any conscience?


I wanna think about my personal problems now…

The ones which were plaguing me yesterday..

The choices I had to make…

The plans, the joy, the merriment in which I was partaking….


But all I can do now is

Sit and feel dizzy…

Am blank..

Going about life…


What’s then?

Isn’t it an everyday issue


Then me

All of us


What to do??

Tell me??


Let’s just breathe a sigh of relief….oh it wasn’t me this time…

Is that a feeling of joy, anyway?


And you guys…. You’ll never rest in peace…..

Do rethink your cause…..

This is just not worth it…

Nothing is…

Is any logic, rhyme or reason…there?

At all??????

26th NOvember '08

 Let’s write, Let’s write
Let’s think in ink, in charcoal, in graphite..
Not aloud, yet expressed
Yes, Let the thoughts out

A world of Black and white,
I envision
A world of just Black!
Or just White!

Really! Did u say the Black in the White?

White through a prism, a glass, a lens,
Sprays a gamut of the rainbow seven
And in the absence of white….
…the absence of the VIBGYOR
The Black.

A world also of Greys my Dear
The grey area
With the grey cells
The most important matter my dear

A world of varied colours
A world of varied moods
A world of conflicts
A world of peace
A world of despair
A world of hope

A world so
Violet with the light divine
Yet, so bruised with the purpling poverty
Merry it goes in the vineyard dance
Oh! Did you smell the lilac?

A world so
Indigo with the nation’s pride
Where the soaring skies dip to sensex blues
And the cobalt sapphires glow a trifle light
Yes, one plans to swim the deep seas!

A world so
Green with fauna, flaura and flaunt
Yet, the envy piercing through the key-hole
The houses are big, filled with cash
A leaf, a leaf, a leaf
Produces chlorophyll
Anyone needs oxygen?

A world so
Yellow with lemons and sunflowers and gold
And smiling sunshine of learning children
Yet dirty, yes yellow and dirty
With jaundiced treachery

A world so
Orange with oranges n apricots n peaches n papaya…
An orange dusk and an orange dawn…
The veiled journey, relentless, everyday…
Every single day
The saffron sprinkles

A world so
Red with mirth of divine festivity
Where love reigns supreme
And Kama does ancient dances of seduction
Clueless, Scarlet waits in the Conservatory with a Dagger

20th November '08

Writing is a boon. It vents. It reveals. 
Writing is also a curse. It flows. It unearths.

It's a part of you. A lot of who you are. Strangely, it's very difficult to write something you don't feel. Strangely, it's a lot easier to believe something which is written, than what is said. Maybe because it's more soul-ful.

that's why i call my blog expressed...
caoz it's expression done- expressed.

I'm not a perfect person. I'm not a perfect soul. But I try to (I can) , am able to (thanks to god) keep my intentions correct. And that also, if if thwarted by the grapevine rounds. should I care?

I just gotta keep my circle tight. And have in my mind, lotsa might. Right. Right. Right.

And then, with a smile on my face... CHARAIVAiTee. CHARAIVAiTee.

Caged inside or outside?

13th November '08

You go on in life rescuing others, bringing hope streaks to shine here and there.....wishing, secretly wishing, that it shines on you, or is brought to you.

The reality is. It's you who wants to be rescued. From this, that and others. It's you who wants to be free. 
So you write.

To let your words flow freely. And the pen you use, doesn't work. The second one's ink doesn't flow. Freedom! Hah. You're caged. caged. caged. caged. caged. Behind bars of restlessness.

You live through a day. Days. Weeks. Months. Waiting for your turn. Each turn turns into another or anothers. Weird sentence, Huh? You won't get. Hahaha.

Small things. Meaningful small things. Oh, such melancholy over such a small thing!

What thing?  ll