MIndless Bents

20th Jan '09

It's not the pen
It's the thought
It's not the booty
It's the dignity 
My Darling

How we keep moving through the minutes, the days, the weeks
And suddenly it's been a year..

All that affected you, caught your thoughts, plagued your mind
Came, said hello, had a cup of tea and went away..

And I'd say, the rendezvous wasn't that bad..
If was bad, wtf it passed.
If didn't, would.
again. wtf.

It's all that we'll have in the end.
You would have me.
I'd have you.
And most importantly, we'll have each of ourselves to ourself.

What would matter to me..
is that my heart is clean, without pain or regret or guilt...
is that my mind is without debate, coz I did not bend...
is that my soul is my soul, not sold.

1 comment:

Vyzz said...

this too shall pass..u do have each other..