phasing in. phasing out.

7th January ‘09


Yes it’s a new year!

But somehow the newness didn’t quite like dawn on me. Probably cause the chronological partitioning abhors me. However, dates haven’t quite in particular managed to stop making their marks on me.


No resolution. No definite resolution.

Just that I’ll try and invest more time in myself. Basically balance the four aspects of life, namely: Work, Community, Family and Self. I guess I’ll have to learn how to say NO, which is kinda li’l difficult for me.


Indecisiveness to Decisiveness

Decision-making is stressful for me, inherently. Or maybe was. Coz ’08 was the year in which I made a lot of decisions, for myself. Small- li’l ones, major-life changing ones. Learned to flow…..


The year gone by: ’08. Was one of change. Perpetual change reflected in all aspects. But the most notable change is within my mind. Though still, I fully and completely don’t know what I want, or where I am. But I’m getting there. And to that place the travel this year was notable. So thank you ’08, for making me more me, and helping me know me.


’09 you have quite a year to succeed!

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