19th February '07

day before day before: 17th...took a bike ride to the city..nothing specatcular, just that i wasn't afraid. Didn't have to try to be comfortable, I was. I guess, after a point in time u get used to everything. Everything means, every god damn thing.

But again, life is all about contradictions. Cause, there is always this white spec in the black or this black spec in the white, which stands out.
And as my life centers around one of the specs I realize, I'll never be able to wipe them of. I'll never get used to it.

Apologies for the "every god damn thing " phrase in the end of the first para.

Yesterday, we had classes for just half a day. Good. Smiles.
Hear the whole thing.
Yesterday was also Sunday, why did we have classes in the first place?
but, I didn't mind it at all, after all they were more like "adda" sessions.

Memento or is it Momento .. nice movie, where this guy has a problem forgetting someone who left him because he can't feel time. And the last memory he has is of the person dying. Rest, he's incapaciated of making new memories. And with method and notes he handles this memory problem. But how could one actually live, when one forgets the next instant that he lived the moment before.

It suddenly hit me, people say shut your past, forget your future- live in the present. But you know what? .. without your past and your future, your present would be nothing. The very existence of the present and it's importance would actually become nonsensical. Nostalgia, Memory, Plans, Dreams, Speculations, Hopes... what is life without them??

Ekalavya, a movie which has not much to its credit except the visual scenery shots, especially the sunsets and the castle shots. Forget the movie, it takes u to another level of imagination, where emotions are well played by the elements around u. Like one of my very good friend says, "Elements Conspire". Thank You(you-know-who-u-are), for this and so many more exquisite phrases you've brought to my life.


Supriya said...

memento ROCKS!
its brilliantttt
i mean its the kinda movie one should watch without batting an eyelid cuz once u bat an eyelid u might lose the story..its that good! :)
Yep life is nothing without the past and future..but you have to keep one thing in mind..u cannot dwell in either the past or the future...or else u will fuck ur happiness today...u live for today and the hope of a tomorrow..the past and the future walk with you..maybe like shadows but what u gotta concentrate on is right now :)

Thats how i've seen it and thats what i've learnt..

Keshav said...

Seems like I gotta watch that flick now! I liked the informal style of writing which you have employed in this prose.. and yes, the present is just a transit point between the past and the future.. actually it's non-existent, can't be measured, but can be enjoyed and captured.. such are the paradoxes of life!